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Jan Verwoert, Department Research Leader and department PhD Fellows, “Many souls Speak Through Bodies in Motion on What is to be Known Now, or Not Now (but once the moon is in another house)”,Performance seminar. Department of Fine Art.

Many souls speak through bodies in motion on what is to be known now, or not now (but once the moon is in another house).

A mediumistic reading of writing shared by the artists Ane Graff, Sara Eliassen, Jan Petter Hammer, Manuel Sebastian Pelmus, Jenny Perlin, Robel Temesgen, and Antonio Vega, convoked by Jan Verwoert.

Enacted by Maritea Dæhlin and Amell Basic, lit by Philip Isaksen.


Embodied knowledges can open visceral channels of transmission. Who shares what with whom matters here just as much as how and when, under what sign and star the transfer is made. Attitudes to the use or abuse of power come trough on this frequency. The tone, mood, and manner of communication makes all the difference when what is to be known now, or not now, comes to pass between people in the key of embodied transmissions: Do we select a mode conducive to truth and transformation, or one set on control and domination? What timing governs the disclosure of knowledge? Up-tempo improvisation? Or slow burning fires of painting, poetry, and ceremonial songs? Is the timing *swung* in sync with how fast or slow call and response play off of each other, as rhythms form in inter-relational exchanges? Or *straight* like: Stand and deliver, your data or your life? Who is to embody what for whom, *in the public eye*? When, and under what conditions does the pleasure to perform embodied knowledge turn into the pressure to deliver evidence for evaluation? How may the pleasure be shared and the pressure be re- and defused, when acted upon by many souls, in concert? 

In this KUF session PhD fellows of the art department will seek to swing the transfer of what may now, or not now, be known, in tune with the rhythms at which their bodies of artwork have been moving. In concert, interventions, screenings, attendances and awols, as well as readings of own writings or sourced materials may disclose if, how, where, and when the assembled desires to know (now, or not now) correspond, and conjoin, or despondently clash, and differ. Expect nothing to be set. Enjoy or endure a real-time montage of materials animated by divergent research impulses. Together we will test: Potentials for moving bodies in sync via telepathy, transmitting intelligence via myth-telling, local demons, colors of seasons and elements, viral imagery, video game designs, and stuff that grows biohazardously. We will look for paths into hell, and out, see violence and trauma lurk in shadows left by the disappeared, living stones speak of life other than we know, receive news on who digs into the Earth to find a home in its belly before life ends outside, and who flees Atari dungeons with mystery weapons drawn, and a fatal love for killer whales.

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Work Group

Objective Enactive
This online lecture-demonstration unfolds the term ´Poetic Materiality´ within the context of designing and choreographing with Somatic Costumes. Through critiquing and applying the somatic practice of Skinner Releasing Technique, the poetics of philosopher Gaston Bachelard and the materiality of anthropologist Tim Ingold, this talk begins to map poetic and material agencies between bodies-costumes within the design-performance encounter.

Artist Talk

Objective Enactive

This talk will focus on the first outcome of Glitsch(ening) Ci(rculari)ty, a tripartite site-specific, where I am pursuing a speculative exploration of the ecology of the city, between the urban and the biological, unfolding its layers and materiality of time. The talk will end in a conversation between fellow researchers and artists in the collaborative project Urban Ecologies, where Glitsch(ening) Ci(rculari)ty, is generated from.


Polyvocal Tongue The presentation will focus on relational ethics and polyvocality in performative text. It will also explore the use of plural languages in a play, looking at how a polylingual praxis can open up new aesthetic potential in playwrighting and in artistic research in general.


TRANSPOSITIONS— JAR, Mette Edvardsen and modular diaries At the start, the idea for an artistic research conversation with Mette Edvardsen did not spring out of the topics shortlisted for the conference—hospitality, vulnerability and care—but a book that she had co-edited, and dropped in my shelf.

Panel Discussion

The Ethics of Vulnerability and Artistic Research

Any ethical framework must take account of the vulnerability of the human condition. This is significant in all creative endeavours – especially in artistic practice and the teaching of it – since the very act of creating something and putting it out into the world is an expression of vulnerability.